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Work Teaching Of Garment Cutting Section

Garment cutting section is the almost of import department inwards garment industries. In this department fabrics are cutting according to the marking dimension. There are 2 types of cloth cutting method. One is manual as well as approximately other i is computerized. Cut fabrics are sorted according to the sizes as well as and thence numbered. Numbering is done to avoid shade variation of the fabrics. So, during numbering extra tending must survive taken. Bond knife is used to cutting smaller business office of garments. Straight knife is to a greater extent than ofttimes than non used inwards garment industries, past times direct knife long parts as well as fold share of garments tin survive cut. As the garment cutting department plays an of import role, the workers as well as engineers should keep approximately locomote instructions for amend output. Work instructions:

  • Before convey the cloth inwards cutting department the cloth is matched amongst approved cloth past times the buyer (Generally GSM as well as Shade variation is measured).

  • Advertiser

  • If the color, shrinkage, spirality, cloth dia, width, GSM is matched 100% as well as thence the cloth is received inwards storage.

  • Then the cloth is inspected past times iv betoken organization as well as the defects are recorded.

  • OK cloth should survive kept inwards repose at 24-72 hour.

  • Then the cloth is set inwards the tabular array rattling carefully without looseness or tension free.

  • Fabric lay tiptop must survive inwards the make of 2.5 – iii inch as well as the length is betwixt vii yds.

  • The dark as well as white cloth cannot survive set inwards on the table.

  • Before cutting the cloth the marking as well as designing must survive checked.

  • In designing length, chest, waist, bottom, sleeve length, sleeve opened upwards as well as its manner must survive checked as well as the operator must article of apparel the metallic paw gloves.

  • After cutting, the cutting panel must survive bundled as well as for checking, it should survive taken to the character table.

  • 100% tape must survive collected.

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