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Getting Started Pattern Making Basics

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A beginners guide, everything you need to know about pattern making tools.

The tools described here form a basic selection with which most pattern cutting techniques can be achieved. The best way to discover which of the many tools available to pattern cutters are most appropriate and how they work is to seek advice from patterns cutters and technicians.Each practitioner will have their own favorite tools, gathered together during a lifetime of experience.

1-Hip Curve

2-Armhole Ruler x 3

3-Pattern Hooks // Large and Small

4-Cutting Mat

5-Glue Stick

6-Markers Pens in black, blue, green, red and biros

7-Dress pins: long, short, fine, thicker

8-Highlighter pen

9-Scal pen

10-Sellotape, masking tape, Scotch Magic Tape, Double-sided sticky tape

11-Pattern Notcher

12-Pattern Hole Punch

13-Tape Measure: withg imperial and metric measurements

14-Metal Ruler

15-Metal Ruler

16-Pattern Master - new version (top) old version (below)

17-Set Squares

18-Grading Ruler

19-Unpicker / quick picker

20-Tracing wheels x 2

21-2H pencils

22-Pencil sharpener and soft eraser

23-Pattern drill with drill parts

24-French curves, as a set

25-Tailor's chalk and chalk dispenser

26-Paper/card scissors

27-Fabric scissors

28-Awls x 3

29-Pattern cutting paper, dot and cross

30-Pattern cutting card

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