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3D Design Software

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Create 3D visualisation straight from your patterns, taking into account the properties of the textile, the body sizing of the human and of course, the patterns and their grading, 3D lets you see the virtual garment, check for fit, check the sizing, see how it will drape and much more. The complete integration with Pattern Design Software makes 3D easy to use and means alterations can be seen in 3D in an instant. The 3D image can be sent to all involved in the design process, customers and manufacturers so that the garment can be viewed from any angle. Alterations can be drawn in 3D and extracted into a 2D pattern.

3D design software for pattern making

Sample garments are expensive – 3D software reduces these

Time to market is dramatically reduced

True to Life fabric simulation

Produces high quality products through precise fitting

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