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Functions Of Patternmaking Tools

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

Tools provide the symbols used in marking fabric and patterns in the production of garments.Symbols are like a slient language that are understood among the designer, seamstress, grader, marker maker, and production personnel. Without these symbols, garmnets would not be cut or stitched with accuracy, Missing or misplaced symbols disrupt the flow of production.

Notch Tools

The notch tool has a cutting blade that slips into the pattern's edge, leaving and 1/8 to 1/4-inch cut-out. As the patterns are traced, the notch cut-outs are marked on the fabric. The cutter slashes the fabric at these locations. the seamstress assembles and stitches the garment parts following the notches.

The notches is used indicate:Seam allowence

  • Center lines.

  • İdentification of front and back pattern parts

  • Correct assembling of similar pattern parts Correct location of joining parts. Gather and ease control. Dart intake

  • Shoulder tip of extended shoulders.

  • Waistline of one-piece garmnets.

  • Zipper stopping point.

  • Fold-back for hems and facings.

  • Placement for inserts.

  • Tension realese (acute curves)

  • İnverse corners

Awl Punch and Circle

The awl puts a hole (or mark) on the pattern.The hole is circled to notify the marker maker that a drill is needed to burn a hole in the fabric, which damages the garment. That is why the placement of the drill hole is always inside the finished seam (to cover the damage in the fabric).

  • Dart back-off point

  • 1/8 inch in from corners.

  • Buttonholes and buttons.

  • Trimming.

  • Pocket placements.

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