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a bit about us:

Over 25 years of experience working abroad (Germany, Greece, and Italy, Denmark)

We can assist apparel manufacturing companies, professional business people, artists, individuals with new design inventions, young designers trying to launch their first collection, and people in general who love fashion and want to create a small clothing line to sell their designs online in small boutiques.


Digital Fashion  Patterns Making & Grading Service

We are professionally making patterns for designers and manufacturers. Our service is fully computerized, so we can create the first pattern from the sketch or the rough sample. We can work with a company that is already established or a new designer that wants to develop a new line. We can work with anyone throughout the world. Our designers have long years of experience making patterns. Simply send us the sketch or sample to copy. All you need to do is e-mail us the sketch or existing pattern that needs to be revised.


We can create the first pattern in DXF format or PDF format and make alterations to existing hard paper patterns or digitized data.
The benefits of having your patterns stored by computer are: Improved measurement accuracy ability to transfer patterns or markers via email to reducing production costs

A pattern can be developed from a sketch, tech specs, or a sample garment with proper sizing and
detailed notes. We specialize in pattern making of Women’s wear, Junior, Plus size, and Children’s wear. Fit Styler is a private company for handles freelance projects and orders.

What can we help you with:


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