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Over 25 years of experience working abroad (Germany, Greece, and Italy, Denmark)

Fit Styler is focused on audacity, creativity, and innovation in all processes of textile; design, develop, and produce apparel.


Fit Styler is a textile sourcing agency that is founded with years of experience in exporting ready-made garments, fabrics, manufacturing, and consultancy both for suppliers and customers.



What can we help you with:

  • Small Batch Production
    (if you just need 50-100 pieces of a style, we can make that happen. We work with a network of domestic factories that specialize in different categories of apparel.)

  • Large Run Production

        (If you need  250 -1,000 pieces of a style, we can make that happen as well. Our network of domestic and overseas factories can handle any quantities per style that you can throw at them. Saying that they are great people is an understatement.)

Research & Development
A process starts to find the right and affordable products from the right suppliers when we receive the mood boards and inspirations from customers. Of course, all the products that are can be produced and have the right features are presented to clients visually or as a sample. If the products offered are appreciated, the next step, sampling, or the customer's critics will continue to investigate until we reach the desired product.



We can offer innovative samples to meet the colors, fabric, and style of the season according to your needs. According to customer demands, we select the correct manufacturer for your collection from our wide range of suppliers. Your proto samples or salesman samples will be taken into the process quickly and it would be controlled deeply.



After the sampling approval and official orders, we proceed with the production phase for your collection. Our merchandisers follow each step of production, from laptops and fabric approval till the packing. We can help the suppliers throughout the process for you, with high-quality production and high-efficiency work. It is critical to ensure the goods are in the customer’s warehouse with the requested quality, on time, and with correct details of packing.

Quality Control

The quality assessment will be based on standards previously set by the customer, generally, AQL methods are used. We provide third party Inspection;

• In-Line Inspection
• Final Inspection
• Loading supervision

With these controls, it is checked whether the products meet the required standards. But our goal here rather than finding the error is foreseeing things that may be a problem before the error occurs and making the necessary arrangements. In doing all of this, we aim to provide accurate information flow between the manufacturer and the customer on time and to make high-quality products without any problems. Laboratory Testing: The reliable test laboratories like
SGS, Intertek,… can be used to check standards as per customers' requests.


We work with selected shipping and forwarding companies specialized in global logistics solutions for fashion brands. For many years we’re working for companies so we have the expertise to advise on the best logistics set-up.

Fit Styler is focused on audacity, creativity, and innovation in all processes of textile; design, development, and produce apparel.

We have a wide range of resources and partnerships with manufacturers. With our flexible capabilities to adapt to time and innovation in the textile industry, we have focused on understanding all the needs of fashion buyers, retailers, and wholesalers in the global fashion market. With the results we draw here, we establish strong relationships with various partners from manufacturers, fabric mills to accessory suppliers to support customers.

And this made us a bridge became between customers in European countries and suppliers who are located in Turkey, especially in Izmir /Aegean Region.

We want to build long-term and trusting partnerships so it is our target to attain and retain our business partners through excellent services.

Customer demands are understood and monitored all production steps from the time of developing samples until the ready-made garment is loaded into the truck. In addition, before the products are loaded, the quality controls of the goods are carried out following customer requests, and the goods are placed safely.

To ensure customer satisfaction, our most important priority is to ship high qualified garments on time.

Besides, it is really important to offer an attractive price bracket for these high-quality garments. Finding the perfect balance between quality and cost is a delicate task. By identifying specific features in a product that are valuable to the final consumer, we can help to optimize our clients' products and create savings. Our team closely follows trend shows to research the latest trends in fabric, design, and final product.

Our know-how can save time and energy developing customers’ collection, R&D, and controlling the production.

We always believe that our customers are our partners, so we keep giving true and rapid information between our suppliers, our office, and our customers.

We aim to support our customers by combining experience and dynamism with our result-oriented company strategy.

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